FLA to PNG via AppleScript plus JSFL

We use this as a droplet, so we can convert dropped FLA files to PNG in a shot. The original script is much larger, as PNG files are post-processed before using them (need some tweaks in GraphicConverter or a similar apple-scriptable app), but it is a skeleton you can use in many little automation projects involving the wonderful world of AppleScript and Flash Javascript (aka JSFL), the language used to automate and extend the Flash IDE capabilities.

AppleScript --> FLA to PNG

AppleScript --> FLA to PNG (click to enlarge)

The FLA file will be exported as PNG using the last settings you used to export a PNG file.

You can download it here.


ACK Media in collaboration with Pescados

We are proud to announce that ACK Media (Amar Chitra Katha) will collaborate with Pescados in the production of Qilania.

They will use their proved expertise to bring to the net this unique virtual world for childs called Qilania.

Appart from being the leading company in India regarding entertainment and education for young people, they have published already a MMORPG called The Legend of Katha and a special website for children, called TinkleOnline.

We are sure we will make a very strong team 😉

FileMaker to MySQL via AppleScript

This is the AppleScript code we use to pass data from FileMaker to a remote MySQL database. It requires FileMaker, the MySQL binary installed in your machine and a connection to a remote MySQL-powered server.

The “code” tag is crap, so I’ll post an image of the code and a link to the code itself. You can download it here.

AppleScript --> FileMaker to MySQL

AppleScript --> FileMaker to MySQL (click to enlarge)

This way we feel comfortable working “at home” with a full-blown interface in FileMaker and we can populate changes to the server when needed.

Hello world!

Welcome to my personal blog about Qilania, the educational MMORPG for kids which will be born in 2010, where I act as product manager.

This will be a very interesting project, not only for its nature, but for the great amount of technologies used in it: SmartFox Pro Server and OpenSpace, PHP, MySQL, Flash and Flex, Java and AppleScript (in order to automate lots of tasks).

Stay tuned!