FileMaker to MySQL via AppleScript

This is the AppleScript code we use to pass data from FileMaker to a remote MySQL database. It requires FileMaker, the MySQL binary installed in your machine and a connection to a remote MySQL-powered server.

The “code” tag is crap, so I’ll post an image of the code and a link to the code itself. You can download it here.

AppleScript --> FileMaker to MySQL

AppleScript --> FileMaker to MySQL (click to enlarge)

This way we feel comfortable working “at home” with a full-blown interface in FileMaker and we can populate changes to the server when needed.


5 thoughts on “FileMaker to MySQL via AppleScript

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  2. Hi! Does this in fact move specific fields from FileMaker Pro to a MySQL database which in turn can be shown in a WordPress site?

    I have a customer who really want to be able to push records with text and pictures to their website (only the records they mark in filemaker with a checkbox)

  3. This is sample code. With the propper tweaks, it will work for you –> adjusting field names and amount, etc., so you reflect in FM what you have in MySQL, or just the fields you want to be populated.

    For a very automated task, you may consider using something as ImageMagick —command-line tool—, instead of Photoshop, and you can embed it as a FileMaker script which you can run from a button click in the own FM database.

  4. I found a way of implementing FileMaker and WordPress (MySQL) and it works great! I use ODBC in filemaker to connect to the MySQL database and can then manipulate data in the MySQL database from FileMaker.

  5. We checked too the ODBC interface, but we need lots of pre-process in our DB, as we have various multimedia sources, including images, sounds and video, and we pass all the resources to AppleScript, so in the end they become server-friendly in the web front-end.

    But YES, for a basic inter-communication, ODBC/JDCB built-in bridges in FileMaker are enough for FM-to-SQL interaction.

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