WindowShade on the road again

Quite unrelated to Qilania’s development, but not absolutely unrelated at all, as various members in the Pescados Producciones team use Mac OS X as its main OS (in various areas, including design, client programming and contents management), and we’ve been missing WindowShade since we upgraded to 10.6 (aka Snow Leopard).

Now WindowShade is a working beta (5.0b2) and works flawlessly in my machine. Welcome again to a bunch of missing features, including window collapsing, transparency on-demand and much more things which will make my machine a top-10-productivity environment one more time.

You Mac (only 10.6.x) and WS users, can get the links through Twitter’s beta Haxies page, according to their blog.


OpenSpace 2.0b2

Recently released.

I have the piece of gold in my inbox, but won’t take a look until it’s final or close to final, as we can’t use it in a production environment, specially when this environment is still in the middle of the development process.

This version contains lots of new features customers asked for in the past, such as centerViewOnCoords, getAllSkinsByName, getMyAvatarCurrentTile or setting some parameters at run time, such as animationTime at avatar creation time.

Hopefully the documentation and other details will be ready very soon and maybe we will be able to introduce some interesting hacks in the current version of Qilania.

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