Collaborative development and flow diagrams

I find very useful working with flow diagrams when in the middle of complex development systems and it’s absolutely a must-have when you are part of a team. Nobody can access your mind, so nobody can be sure about your thots and the internal flow diagrams running and changing continuously in your brain. So, a flow diagram with read/write access is a great feature for all developers working together in the same cake.

flow diagram

Appart from that, you will find many times, when working in the graph, that you are missing something you must implement, something you forgot when you were in UI-mode fighting against fonts and colors.

That’s the difference between conceptual and abstract design.


WindowShade on the road again

Quite unrelated to Qilania’s development, but not absolutely unrelated at all, as various members in the Pescados Producciones team use Mac OS X as its main OS (in various areas, including design, client programming and contents management), and we’ve been missing WindowShade since we upgraded to 10.6 (aka Snow Leopard).

Now WindowShade is a working beta (5.0b2) and works flawlessly in my machine. Welcome again to a bunch of missing features, including window collapsing, transparency on-demand and much more things which will make my machine a top-10-productivity environment one more time.

You Mac (only 10.6.x) and WS users, can get the links through Twitter’s beta Haxies page, according to their blog.